Here are some of the most frequently asked questions I receive:


1. What does a voice lesson consist of?

That depends on your goals. Voice lessons help vocalists to increase vocal range, smoothly navigate the break between head and chest voice, build vocal stamina, increase knowledge of musicianship to enhance expressivity, learn coordination of mixed voice and belt, master multiple musical and vocal styles, analyze text and music, build a rep book when needed, understand musical styles to target song choices toward desired roles at auditions, gain confidence for live performance, and over time achieve technical and artistic mastery. 

2. How much does a lesson cost?

An hour is $75. With most private teachers in New York charging between $95-$200 per lesson, I thought long and hard about my rates. I decided for me, it is extremely important to be affordable and accessible. I care about your development as an artist and I understand what it is to have the urgent desire to improve but not necessarily the disposable income. 

3. How often do I need to take a lesson?

That depends on your goals. I do not see students less than an hour once every other week, but every week for an hour is best, especially when you are just starting out. I do offer one time audition "coaching" sessions as well. These are especially useful in dispelling pre audition nerves. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be! 

5. What kind of singing do you teach?

My main focuses are Musical Theatre for adults and kids, Contemporary Commercial Music artists and those who have always wanted to sing, but didn't know where or how to begin. 

 I offer lessons for Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Country, R&B and coaching for choral/sacred music singers. Previous students have been cast off broadway, in national tours and in regional theatre. I coach many recording artists on developing a unique and cohesive album sound. Those of school age have also performed professionally in New York and regionally, won NATS competitions, been All State Choir members and gained entry into numerous competitive collegiate and high school performance programs.

6. What technique do you use?

Some teachers have a certain technique or method and they use the same system to all their students. I prefer to customize your tools to your goals, no two students will have the same lesson, because no two singers have the same voice. I believe in keeping an open mind about healthy singing, I don't believe there is a right technique, only the right technique for your goals and unique set of habits. I have been trained classically in the Bel Canto tradition, I'm also a Somatic Voiceworks, The LoVetri Method ™ Certified teacher. I've sung professionally in Opera, Musical theatre, I've worked as a recording artist and even sang in a punk band. Yes- I belt! I'm also a professional actor who has studied Stanislavsky, Adler and Meisner techniques. I admire the work of John Hinney, Aaron Hagan, Jeannie Lovetri and Justin Stoney and have either studied with them or have studied their methods very closely.

7. What ages and experience levels do you teach?

ALL OF THEM! I have students ranging ages 9-68 with experience levels and goals ranging from " I want to win a Tony" to " I always wanted to be a singer and I figured I would learn now that I'm retired." Please, don't feel intimidated, I believe in you, and I'll be happy to support and instruct until you believe in yourself. I've had students come to me believing they were "tone deaf" who are currently working as professional singers and performers. 

*Some voices and personalities are too young to need private instruction, but I do specialize in school age performers who have a passion and desire to learn to sing and build fundamental knowledge of music and performance. 

8. You seem kind of serious, would you be a good fit for my child who just wants to have fun?

YES!! Over the years I have observed innumerable benefits of  learning performing arts skills in a supportive environment during the crucial preteen and early teen years. Benefits such as increased self esteem, ease of forming new friendships, developing confidence in ones ideas and willingness to share them openly. (P.s. Adults, in my experience, you'll get these sweet benefits too) I also have years of experience directing and teaching at Children's theatres. I love kids! 

9. Are you a performer as well?

Yes. In addition to teaching I have worked professionally as an actor, director, entertainer, composer, recording artist and film producer. I draw on my wide breadth of creative experiences when I am teaching. I can help you acheive your ambitions, I've been through the process, I know what it takes. 

10. Will you come to my house? 


11. Do you teach Group lessons? 

Not ususally. As with most things, I would be willing to have a conversation about what that could look like. For example, Group lessons work well if you're a band, who would like to make your sound more cohesive, well blended or complimentary. They also work well for children who are looking for something fun to do together while learning. With Adults, I've found private instruction works best.

12. What's your cancellation policy? 

If you cancel same day, you pay for the lesson. Otherwise it’s 48 hours. If you cancel within that window, I rent my space to teach and I still have to pay for the space. Which means I will ask you to cover the studio rental fee so I am not losing money. Family Emergencies and unforeseen illness excepted. I reserve the right to discontinue a working relationship with those who habitually cancel. I invest alot of time and energy into my students. My hope is that you will take the work we do together seriously.